Jury Duty

I never realized how EXHAUSTING it is to sit around and do nothing all day until I went to jury duty. I usually get the jury duty notice annually, but I’ve been able to claim an exemption since I was still a full time student. This was the first time I had to go and with my luck of course I was selected to be on the jury.

So for the past few days I’ve been sitting in the courthouse waiting around for the trial to start and then listening to testimonies and then waiting some more. And don’t even get me started on the deliberation period. You have no idea how hard it is to get 12 people to unanimously agree on one verdict, especially when the evidence was shady at best and absolutely nothing was clear cut. Fortunately, the trial has ended yesterday so I can finally return to my normal routine. While the trial was going on though I was way too tired after a day in the courthouse to check my google reader and I’ve pretty much let it run wild. I’m going to try to slowly get through it today and hopefully be able to get my posts unread back down to a reasonable number.

But if you had a really awesome post that you feel I shouldn’t miss, let me know about it because I’m sure by the time I’m done looking at a quarter of the blogs I have on the google reader I’ll start marking them all as read.


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  1. My one and only stint of jury duty consisted of going to the courthouse, reading books all day, and then being released. It was great.

    • hahah. luckyy! i’m glad you had a better experience than me. it was hard to get into my book while sitting on that hard bench. i think i brought the wrong book with me. it couldn’t keep my attention.

  2. I agree – sitting around it exhausting! I hope you have a good book with you.

    • hahah. i wish i brought a different book. i should of brought a mystery/thriller that was a page turner. but at least now i know for next time.

  3. Yikes! I’ve been called for jury duty only once, and I only had to report one day — where I sat for four hours before being “thanked for my service” and sent home. Then I got a check for $15 in the mail, my “reimbursement” for my morning and travel expenses. Ha! I have to admit that it was fun getting out of work, though, and I read most of a book.

    That’s crazy you were actually required to serve on a jury… and it does sound exhausting! And getting 12 people to agree on anything at all? A Herculean task!

    • how lucky!! only 4 hours? i was there from 8-5 every day. the trial kept getting delayed so we had to just sit there and wait until it would start.

      oh nicee! we only got $10 on the first day. but then we got a raise to $40 for each additional day we served.

      i know!! i was freaking out when i heard my name being called to serve on the jury. hahah. definitely agree with you on that.

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