Review: Hailey’s War

Hailey’s War by Jodi Compton

Publisher: Shaye Areheart Books


Source: Publisher

From the cover:

Twenty-four-year-old Hailey Cain has dropped out of the US Military Academy for reasons she won’t reveal. Now working as a bike messenger in San Francisco, Hailey keeps a low profile, until her high school best friend Serena Delgadillo makes a call that will turn her whole life upside-down.

Serena is the head of an all-female gang on the rough streets of LA. She wants Hailey to escort the cousin of a recently murdered gang member across the border to Mexico. It’s a mission that will nearly cost Hailey her life, causing her to choose more than once between loyalty and lawlessness, and forcing her to confront two very big secrets in her past.

After being dismissed from West Point and forced to evacuate from Los Angeles, Hailey lives a pretty ordinary life as a bike messenger in San Francisco. But when her god-given sister, Serena, calls her for a favor, Hailey decides to accept the mission to alleviate the restlessness she’s been feeling with her new life. What should have been an easy task for Hailey leaves her with two gunshot wounds and a desire for justice. Hailey’s War is a thrilling battle between different gangbangers and mobs as Hailey fights for justice and confronts her past and enemies.

This book was very different from the typical mystery/thriller books that I’m used to reading. Most of the mystery books that I’ve read in the past usually follow a protagonist that is in some sort of position in law enforcement. It was refreshing to read a book from the other side of the track and follow the perspective of someone whose joined forces with a gang to take on another one. Their approach towards achieving justice and victory as well as their thought process was completely different from what I was expecting.

I don’t want to give too much away because I would hate to spoil it for anyone, but Hailey’s War was a fast pace thriller that kept me up at night and fully engaged in the story. I’m eager to read Compton’s other books and I’m crossing my fingers in hope that there will be a sequel to this one.

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  1. Don’t know if this one really appeals to me, but I’m glad you liked this book so much, DW! Have a great week…..

  2. It does sound very different from my usual type of thrillers, too, but I’ll keep it in mind. I like to try different things from time to time!

  3. I ❤ fast paced thrillers. Great review!

  4. sounds like such a fresh perspective and hailey sounds like a strong female character! i’m with you on the same old tired plots and characters in some thrllers! glad you enjoyed this one.

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