NFL Week 5

Brian Cushing (Getty Images)

For the first time ever the Houston Texans are at 3-1 sitting at the TOP of the AFC South Division. I’m going to pause for a second and let that sink in.

I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas Day to come this past week. I’ve been so stoked and I honestly can’t wait for Sunday! I’m bursting from anxiety and I need to watch some football now. (Thank goodness there’s some college football games on today!) I can’t wait to see Brian Cushing play on Sunday. He had to serve a 4 game suspension and Sunday will be his first game back. Let me just say I have a huge crush on Cushing – a panty-throwing-worthy crush. I love the guy and I’m so ready to see him sack someone. Sorry Eli Manning, but I desperately need to see him sack someone and unfortunately for you, you’re the quarterback of the team we’re going against this week.

Houston Texans vs New York Giants at 12:00CT (FOX) on Sunday

We’re a quarter of the way through the season, how are your teams holding up? Are you still hopeful or has your dreams been crushed?


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  1. Poor Raiders are 1-3 😦

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