NFL Week 8


Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween filled with lots of yummy treats! Don’t forget to brush your teeth though! We don’t want any cavities now.


For the second Sunday in a row, the Texans are not playing and I’m suffering from major Texans withdrawal. We’ll be playing tomorrow though on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL against the Colts. I’m pretty excited to see the rematch especially after the way we beat them in the season opener. At the same time though, I’m trying to keep my optimism in check because I know Peyton Manning is going to come out firing from all cylinders as he seeks revenge. Hopefully we’ll manage to go into their house and come out with a victory. These division games are so important especially with how close the race for first is.

We’re almost halfway through the season! How’s everyone’s team doing? Still alive and kicking?


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  1. Mario is down in Oakland this weekend to watch the Raiders game in person!

  2. Big question of week 8… can the Raiders keep up the momentum from last week, or will they go back to losing? heh

  3. The Niners won yesterday I was thrilled. Made even better by the Cowboys losing though honestly my niners doing so bad this year has made me a sad NFL fan 🙂

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