NFL Week 14 or Where the Oakland Raiders Become Our Savior

I’m back! (well, not really.) I’m currently in the midst of an intense and brutal two weeks of finals with just one more left tomorrow. And then I’ll officially be done with my first semester of dental school. (yay!) I honestly can’t believe how fast this past semester has just flown by. At times it still feels like I just started orientation.

Anyways, I figure ya’ll were missing my weekly updates on the NFL and the Texans so I thought I would pop in and give you an update on it. To put it simply, the Texans have been doing what they do best all season long, which of course means they’ve been breaking my heart. The majority of the games they’ve played this season, they had a chance to win it, a chance to close the deal and move one step closer to the playoffs, and what do they do? Find new ways to lose. They’re given a golden opportunity to win, and they just throw it away and lose the game. Sometimes I’m left scratching my head thinking how in the world did they manage to lose that game, but somehow every week they just find a way to lose the game.

I think the most upsetting thing is that they give you hope. They make you think that they have a chance of winning the game and then they destroy that hope right in front of your eyes. I mean we would go into the fourth quarter with the lead and all I’m thinking is ‘wait a second, I think they might just pull this off and walk away with the win’. But then reality kicks in and all of a sudden instead of being up by seven we’re down by three and the next thing I know time is running out and once again they lose the game. If there’s anything I learned from watching them this season, it’s that hope is an evil thing.  You’re all happy and excited one second and then they pull the rug out from under you and you fall flat on your face and you’re in a terrible mood for the rest of the week.

Of course once again, the Texans are sitting at 5-7 and they’re still in the playoff picture. That is to say, that they still have a chance of making it into the playoffs. And there we go again with this false hope and sense of security. Because once again, I’m thinking ‘hey, we’re still in this. We still have a chance.’

Now, the only way the Texans are going to get into the playoffs is if they win the division. Right now we’re sitting two games behind the Jags who are at 7-5 and one game behind the Colts who are at 7-6. In order to win the division though, the Texans will have to win out the rest of the season, which is a lot easier said than done. And then we’ll need a little help from some other teams.

Which is where the Oakland Raiders come in. In the final four weeks of the season, the Raiders are playing both the Jags and the Colts and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it would make me to see the Raiders win. We need the Colts to lose one more game and the Jags to lose two. If Oakland could win those two games and with the Texans playing one final game against the Jags, we could potentially make it into the playoffs. All three teams will end up at 9-7, but we have the tiebreaker over the other two teams so we’ll win the division. Again, a ton of ifs, a lot of hope, and I’m trying to brace myself and not get too excited, but I just can’t help but be optimistic about it.

No game for the Texans today, but I’ll be tuning into the Oakland Raiders vs Jacksonville Jaguars game.

The Houston Texans play tomorrow on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens. This is probably our biggest game of the season. It’s the hardest team we have left in the schedule, and if we don’t pull out with a win in this game, then we can officially say our season is over and we can move on to what I like to refer to as Texans’ playoff, the NFL 2011  draft.


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  1. The Raiders winning the next few games would make my hubby very happy as well! Of course, he wants them to win for purely selfish reasons, not necessarily to help out the Texans……LOL

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