RIP Texans’ 2010 Season

For those of you that hate my NFL weekly posts, you’ll be happy to hear that this will probably be my last football related post for the year.

It’s a little early to call it quits on the Texans, but short of a miracle, it’s very unlikely that they’ll get into the playoffs. We needed the Colts to lose on Thursday Night Football against the Titans. That didn’t happen. We needed the Jaguars to lose against the Raiders on Sunday. That didn’t happen. We needed to win against the Ravens on Monday Night Football. That didn’t happen. The stars just haven’t been aligned for the team this season and it looks like another season where we don’t make the playoffs.

Once again, the Texans do what they do best, instill their fans with hope and then crush it. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything more evil in this world than hope. Because it makes you think that you have a chance that you can somehow pull it off, but really in the end you’re just screwed.

The Texans were down 21 points and it looked like the game was over, but somehow, miraculously, they decided to show up to the game and play some football. They made the necessary stops and then the offense caught fire and we were tied. And there they go injecting me with hope and optimism when I thought the game was over. The game went into overtime with the Ravens winning the coin toss. It doesn’t look good for the Texans, but they make the necessary stops to give the offense a chance to win the game for us. And then what happens? During the second play of the drive our quarterback throws a pick six and the game’s over.

I want to know how much heartbreak can a fan take before they’re pushed over the edge. Because I feel like I’m free falling over a cliff right now without a parachute and no landing in sight. Just take a look at some of the losses we had this season:

Week 9 against the San Diego Chargers – The Texans are driving down the field for the game winning touchdown when a pass bounces off the knee of our best WR for an interception by the other team resulting in a 23-29 loss.

Week 10 against the Jacksonville Jaguars – The Texans have battled back from behind to tie the game. There’s a few second left on the clock and the Jaguars throw a hail mary. Hail mary never works, right? Wrong. Our CB knocks the ball down right into the hands of a Jaguars player who walks it in for the TD. We lose 24-31.

Week 11 against the NY Jets – The Texans once again came from behind to take the LEAD with 45 seconds left on the clock. We need our defense to make a few stops, but they can’t do that. Instead, the Jets bring the ball all the way down the field and get a TD in 45 seconds for a 30-27 win over the Texans.

Week 13 against the Philadelphia Eagles – We have the lead going into the fourth quarter, quite a rare treat for the Texans. But then they forget how to play football and lose the game 24-34.

And then we finally arrive at Week 14 against the Ravens. And you already know how the game turned out.

I honestly don’t know how they do it, but week in and week out they just find new ways to lose games in the most unexpected way. And it’s killing me. I just can’t see how anyone can survive after all the heartbreaking, gut wrenching, close calls we’ve had. It’s been a tough season and I hate to see it over, but I’m throwing in the white flag. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch the three games they have left this season and I hope they win out so that we can at least get back to 500. Other than that though it looks like I’ll have to wait another year, go through another off season that will fill me up with that evil thing known as hope, and see if maybe 2011 will be our lucky year to get a playoff berth.


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  1. I’m lost now that college football season is over and I’m ready for the bowl games to begin.

  2. lol. am i horrible for admitting that i didn’t even KNOW texas had a football team? i mean, i know about the astros and rangers…but football? do you guys have basketball? oh, wait–you have ice hockey, right? the oilers i think!

    my comment has completely derailed. i’m sorry that i’m not so hip to football but am sorry that your team isn’t going to the world series. (hahahha!)

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