Review: Everything Changes

Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper

Publisher: Delta


Source: Purchased

From cover:

To all appearances, Zachary King is a man with luck on his side. A steady, well-paying job, a rent-free Manhattan apartment, and Hope, his stunning, blue-blooded fiancée: smart, sexy, and completely out of his league. But as the wedding day looms, Zack finds himself haunted by the memory of his best friend, Rael, killed in a car wreck two years earlier—and by his increasingly complicated feelings for Tamara, the beautiful widow Rael left behind.

Then Norm—Zack’s freewheeling, Viagra-popping father—resurfaces after a twenty-year absence, looking to make amends. Norm’s overbearing, often outrageous efforts to reestablish ties with his sons infuriate Zack, and yet, despite twenty years of bad blood, he finds something compelling in his father’s maniacal determination to transform his own life. Inspired by Norm, Zack boldly attempts to make some changes of his own, and the results are instantly calamitous. Soon fists are flying, his love life is a shambles, and his once carefully structured existence is spinning hopelessly out of control.

If there is ever an author I would write a girly fan letter to or deem panty worthy, it would be Jonathan Tropper. He’s my go to guy for rainy days and anytime I need a good laugh. I think I’ve reached a point where I can’t even review his books properly because I’m so bias-ly in the pro Tropper camp that I can’t see him do wrong or in this case, write wrong. He was one of those authors where after I read my first book by him, I immediately looked up his back list and started hunting down his books.

Everything Changes is no exception from the other books I’ve read by him. I love it just as much as I love the other books. Tropper is one of the few authors that can make me weep like a little girl and laugh like a maniac within five minutes of each other. There were times where I would be crying and then I turned the page and I couldn’t stop laughing. The writing is sarcastic and hilarious and yet meaningful and emotional when it needs to be. Tropper takes dysfunctional families to another level, but in the same degree he never fails to remind me how fortunate I am to have the family that I do and the importance of being there for each other through thick and thin.

I don’t even know how to review this book other than to say you have to give Jonathan Tropper a try. Any time my friends ask me for a book suggestion I always ask them if they’ve read anything by Tropper and then immediately lend out my books to them. I can’t praise his writing enough.

I’m not big on quoting books when writing my reviews, but as I was reading this book, I couldn’t help but tag some of my favorite passages such as this one:

“That’s us. The Fighting Kings. What we lack in brawn we make up for in bizarre diversion, the strategically placed erection here, the surprise bald head there, and while your focus is shattered by the freak show that we are, we’ll use the opportunity to bash your head in.”

Just writing this review makes me want to read the book again.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful read! I love books that garner strong emotions whether laughing out loud or crying big sobbing cries! I am going to have to look into this author!

    *hope you are staying warm down there–we are 3 days of everything being closed down due to ice*

  2. I have never read this author before. I am going to check him out on Goodreads. Thanks, DW!

  3. I really *must* read Tropper soon, huh? Thanks for sharing this and for the pantyworthy shout-out!

  4. I’ve got This is Where I Leave You by Tropper, which I’ve heard great things about. He sounds like an author I need to try soon.

  5. Wow, ok I think that maybe I’ve read one of his books in the past so I need to go do some research. Regardless, I should read this one!

  6. i’m sold. i’m putting tropper on my library list for this afternoon. hope i love him like you do! i know what you mean about loving an author so much it’s hard to write an unbiased review!

  7. Such a cool review! I immediately put this one on my Goodreads list. Books that can make you laugh AND cry?… flippin’ awesome!

  8. I am a huge Tropper fan too – he is so talented! I haven’t read this one but thanks for reminding me that it is time to pick up another Tropper!

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