Postcards from Yours Truly

Rockport, TX - small town outside of Corpus Christi

Home sweet home! I’m finally back from my crazy and extended road trip. I was only planning on hitting up Austin and hanging out on Lake Travis, but then we decided to make the drive down to Corpus Christi too and visit all the little towns surrounding it. Now I need a vacation from my vacation. I’m exhausted and I think my butt is numb from all the sitting I’ve done during the road trips.

My favorite part about summer is receiving and sending out postcards. I love getting postcards from my friends and seeing the places they’ve visited. Whenever my friends ask me if I want them to get me something from wherever they are going, I always tell them I just want them to send me a postcard. On the same note, I also love sending out postcards to my friends so I thought it would be fun for me to send out postcards to all my blogging buddies if you would like to receive one. I’m planning on another vacation at the end of this month – I wasn’t lying to you when I told you I was making the most of the last summer of my life. I’m headed for Hawaii so if you would like a postcard, please fill out the form below.

No strings attached my dear friends! You don’t have to send me anything in return, but if you would like to send me a postcard then just send me an email at toothybooks [AT] gmail [DOT] com for my address. I’m hoping to send out as many postcards as I can while I’m in Hawaii, but if I’m overloaded by requests then I’ll send them out once I return home. My plan is to alternate between writing up postcards and reading books while relaxing on the beach.

Fill out this form by June 28 to receive a postcard!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

EDIT: I realized I should of specified if this is international or not. So far I haven’t been bombarded with international requests so this is open for everyone. Once I get too many international requests then I’ll probably make it US only, but for now it’s open to all.


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  1. How fun! I love this idea 🙂

  2. You’re so smart to make the most of your summer! I hope you have a blast!

  3. This is a great idea! Enjoy your break!!

  4. What a fun idea! Can we exchange postcards even if I’m in Canada?

    • yes! i’ll probably draw a line somewhere with international requests but so far i haven’t been bombarded with them so i can definitely send out a few overseas.

  5. I’m a total postcard fanatic, too, as I’ve probably mentioned countless times! Thanks for your kind-hearted offer — hope you have a fabulous trip. 🙂

  6. No need to send me a ostcard, but I hope you have a wonderful time in HI.

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