Review: Heart’s Blood

Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier

Publisher: ROC


Source: Purchased

From the cover:

Anluan has been crippled since childhood, part of a curse that has besieged his family and his home of Whistling Tor. But when the young scribe Caitrin is retained to sort through family documents, she brings about unexpected changes in the household, casting a hopeful light against the despairing shadows.

But to truly free Anluan’s burdened soul, Caitrin must unravel the web of sorcery woven by his ancestors before it claims his life—and their love…

By far, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie. I’ve always wanted to be just like Belle while secretly wishing that I had a library like the beast. Couple that with the fact that I love Juliet Marillier, I knew I had to read Heart’s Blood when I found out that it was a retelling of the old fairy tale.

I wasn’t disappointed by the book at all and quite frankly it made me nostalgic for the Disney movie. It goes without saying that soon after I finished Heart’s Blood I dug up my old worn copy of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on VHS (yes, I know I’m old!) and watched it.

While Heart’s Blood does contain a beautiful heroine and a disfigured hero along with a castle and a family curse, the similarities to the Disney version ends there and Marillier introduces her own twist on the story. Instead of a talking candelabra and clock, the castle is haunted with ghosts a terrible force. I love the twists and turns that Marillier added and it gave the story more depth and an attracting plot. I was pulled into the story almost immediately and I stayed up way past my bedtime trying to finish the book. Let’s just say I had to hit the snooze button a few times the next morning from the lack of sleep.

You know how much I love my characters and Caitrin and Auluan were so easy to fall in love with along with the other main characters of the castle. By the time I reached the end of the book, I was sad to let these characters go. It’s so rare to find characters that are so well developed and feel so real. All of the characters had their own personal flaw, but at the same time they were so lovable. What really stood out in this book for me is the chemistry between the characters and the feelings they had for each other. Sometimes you read a book and you’re left wondering why the characters are even together, but I didn’t have that problem with this book. It was so clear that Auluan and Caitrin truly cared for each other despite all the obstacles they had to face.

My only complaint for this book was that it got a little wordy at times. There were definitely moments where I thought she could of picked up the pace a bit and not drag out the plot so much. Other than that though, I really enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend it to fans of the fairy tale as well as anyone looking for a novel with romance and a touch of mystery.

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  1. Sounds interesting, I have one book by this author on my tbr so really should read it apparently. I like how it sounds at least like the girl who would be the equivalent of Belle here isn’t forced to stay? It sounds like she is an employee or something? Or am I way off track on that?

  2. You have had a really good post school reading break! The last 3 for you have been very good 🙂

  3. I’m not a fan of fairy tale retellings, but my sister loves them. I’ll have to tell her about this book!

  4. I like modern retellings! I’ll have to look into this one.

  5. I love Juliet Marillier and this one has been sitting on my shelf since it came out! I really need to get to it, a.s.a.p.
    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it though despite the wordiness 🙂

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