Review: The Legacy

The Legacy by Katherine Webb

Publisher: Harper Collins


Source: Publisher

From the cover:

When they were children, Erica Calcott and her sister, Beth, spent their summer holidays at Storton Manor. Now, following the death of their grandmother, they have returned to the grand, imposing house in Wiltshire, England. Unable to stem the tide of childhood memories that arise as she sorts through her grandmother’s belongings, Erica thinks back to the summer her cousin Henry vanished mysteriously from the estate, an event that tore their family to pieces. It is time, she believes, to lay the past to rest, bring her sister some peace, and finally solve the mystery of her cousin’s disappearance.

But sifting through remnants of a bygone time is bringing a secret family history to light—one that stretches back over a century, to a beautiful society heiress in Oklahoma, a haunting, savage land across the ocean. And as past and present converge, Erica and Beth must come to terms with two shocking acts of betrayal . . . and the heartbreaking legacy they left behind.

I’m a huge fan of novels dealing with long kept family secrets mainly because I know every family out there has a secret that they’re hiding from each other. The Legacy by Katherine Webb is probably one of my favorite novels that involve family secrets and hidden pasts. She’s a truly great author and she was able to weave together a story filled with mystery, romance, nostalgia, deception, and so much more.

The story moves back and forth between the present, during Erica and Beth’s time, and the past, during their great grandmother, Catherine’s time. To be honest, at the beginning of this book I didn’t like it at all. It was a little difficult for me to get into the book because of the way the book moved back and forth, but once I did I couldn’t’ stop reading it.

Normally, when I read a book that has two story lines going on simultaneously I usually like one story over the other and I have this secret desire to skip through one story and just read the story I’m interested in. When I was reading The Legacy however, I couldn’t pick a favorite story. I enjoyed reading both Erica and Catherine’s narration and I have to account that to Webb’s writing skills.

Overall, The Legacy was an amazing book that dealt with a lot of different themes and emotions both in the present story line and the past. The mysteries in both story lines were quite intriguing and kept me turning the pages. It was interesting to see how much the past decisions made by Catherine had an impact on both Erica’s and Beth’s lives.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery novel or one with family secrets.

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  1. Ooh, I love secrets in books too. This sounds like a winner!

  2. I agree, books that deal with family sercrets rock my world. This one sounds like a book I need to add to my wishlist! Great review!

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