Review: Dark Moon of Avalon

Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliot

Publisher: Touchstone


Source: Purchased

From the cover:

The young former High Queen, Isolde, and her friend and protector, Trystan, are reunited in a new and dangerous quest to keep the usurper, Lord Marche, and his Saxon allies from the throne of Britain. Using Isolde’s cunning wit and talent for healing and Trystan’s strength and bravery, they must act as diplomats, persuading the rulers of the smaller kingdoms, from Ireland to Cornwall, that their allegiance to the High King is needed to keep Britain from a despot’s hands.

Their admissions of love hang in the air, but neither wants to put the other at risk by openly declaring a deeper alliance. When their situation is at its most desperate, Trystan and Isolde must finally confront their true feelings toward each other, in time for a battle that will test the strength of their will and their love.

This is the second book in the Twilight of Avalon series by Anna Elliot and I’m going to try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible. Although if you are interested in reading this series, I highly recommend that you read it in order. This isn’t one of those series where it’s fine to read the books out of order.

I’ll admit that the second book in a trilogy is usually my least favorite book. The first book usually hooks me in, the second book is the filler book that builds up everything for the final book, which usually leaves me either content or wanting more.  With that said, I actually enjoyed Dark Moon of Avalon more than I enjoyed the first book of the series.

Many of the issues that I had with the first book didn’t come up in this book and I liked where the story took the readers as well as the character development. After reading this book, I’ve decided that Elliot’s strong point isn’t her plot, but her amazing characters. The plot wasn’t action packed or anything, but it was her characters that really kept me reading the book and completely engrossed in it.

One of the issues I had with the first book was the lack of personality that Trystan had. In the second book, the narrative moved back and forth between Isolde and Trystan which helped flesh the two characters out as well as allow the readers to form a connection with them.  Both Isolde and Trystan were more developed in this book and you can truly feel the emotions that they went to as if it was happening to you.

So far the series has been very entertaining and I do love how there are old folk tales and stories interlaced into the bigger story. It’s been extremely enjoyable and I’m looking forward to finishing this trilogy.

  1. Twilight of Avalon
  2. Dark Moon of Avalon
  3. Sunrise of Avalon

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  1. I’ve discovered that I need plot along with characters, so this probably isn’t for me.

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