Where did October go?

my dentures in progress

I didn’t mean to take that long of a hiatus, but it was definitely nice to just back off from the internet and just relax. Also, I’ve been in a bit of a book funk and I haven’t really been reading much the past few weeks. I just haven’t found any good books that have caught my eye and I don’t know what I’m in the mood to read either. That’s probably one of the worse feelings in the world, when you’re surrounding by a ton of books and yet you feel like you have nothing good to read.

In the meantime though, I’m surviving my second year of dental school. I always heard that second year is the hardest year, but so far I’m actually enjoying it. I guess it’s because we spend more time in the lab and I get to work with my hands which is the main reason why I wanted to be a dentist in the first place. Check out the awesome pair of dentures I waxed up. I can officially make dentures now so let me know if you’re ever in need of a pair.Β  πŸ˜› At the same time I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I just want to hibernate all winter and catch up on all the sleep I’ve been missing out on. It was a good thing we got that extra hour of sleep last weekend.

I’m heading out of town this weekend, but hopefully I’ll be able to visit everyone’s blog in the coming weeks to see all the great books I’ve been missing out on. I’m definitely in need of a good book recommendation.


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  1. Wow, I’m impressed that you can make dentures now! I’m sure school is intense for you, so I totally understand your lack of reading.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying school! Awesome that you can make dentures. No need for them in my house, but let me know when you’re doing braces, since my daughter needs them. πŸ˜‰

  3. Nice to hear that school is going well! I agree that sometimes it is nice to be away from the internet for awhile. Have a fun weekend away!

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