Review: The Spellman Files

The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz

Publisher: Pocket


Source: Borrowed

From the cover:

Meet Isabel “Izzy” Spellman, twenty-eight-year-old private investigator with relentlessly intrusive bosses (Mom and Dad), a chronically perfect lawyer brother (often under duress), and uncle who randomly disappears on benders (“Lost Weekends”), and a kid sister on her trail (hired by her parents to ascertain the identity of her new boyfriend). When Izzy snaps, the only way out of the family business is to solve an ice-cold missing persons case that leads to the disappearance of someone she loves…

I just realized that I go on random reading phases. I get into these moods where I’ll only want to read a certain type of genre. Right now I’m really digging the thrillers and mystery books and The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz definitely hit the spot.

The Spellman Files is another excellent mystery novel that kept me entertained and happy throughout my reading experience. You know how I love reading about dysfunctional families and I have to say, I’m putting the Spellman family on top of my list for crazy and insane families. The book is filled with a great cast of characters who are endearing and funny, yet downright insane at times and you can bet your britches I fell in love with the family almost immediately.

Isabel is a wonderful protagonist, whose far from perfect (that role is left for her brother to fill), but is still strong, funny, wild at times with a dash of insanity mixed in. Following her around as she performs her PI duties as well as escape her meddling family was both amusing and hilarious. The writing was witty and entertaining and Lutz did an amazing job of keeping the plot moving along nicely.

Another bonus to the book is that Izzy’s ex-boyfriend #9 is a dentist! I admit I get a little giddy when I run across a dentist in books.

The Spellman Files is a light and fast read, but still carries its own weight. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining book then you may want to pick this one up. I can’t wait to pick up her other books and see where Izzy and her family is headed off to next.

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Series Order

  1. The Spellman Files
  2. Curse of the Spellmans
  3. Revenge of the Spellmans
  4. The Spellmans Strike Again
  5. Trail of the Spellmans: Document #5

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  1. A good friend of mine loves this series, so I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I’m glad to see you liked it too.

  2. This looks like a fun series. I’ve never heard of it before but I’m glad you turned me onto it.

  3. This does sound like a fun series. I listened to #1 on audio and did not love it, but perhaps reading them would be better.

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