Review: Klonopin Lunch

Klonopin Lunch by Jessica Dorfman Jones

Publisher: Crown


Source: Publisher

By her late twenties, Jessica Dorfman Jones had dutifully achieved everything she thought she was supposed to: marriage, law degree, high-paying job, nice apartment in Greenwich Village. But she was miserable and felt like she was living a life that wasn’t hers. Desperate to change her status quo and figure out who she really was, Jessica went about the business of making a change by demolishing the life she knew. She threw her good-girl image aside and set out to unleash the very bad girl she had never before tried to be.

Embracing the deliciously debauched world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Jessica leaves behind her sweet and well-behaved husband for the ultimate bad-boy guitar player, starts her own band, and parties harder than she had ever thought possible. She starts a band, puts her job in jeopardy, and causes her friends and family no end of worry with her illicit behavior. And then, in the midst of her self-created chaos, the wildest thing of all happens. She figures out who she is, who she most definitely is not, and what might, if she’s lucky, come next.

When the publicist first offered me this book, it came with a warning – the book is rated r. I feel like I need to pass this warning on to you. That’s not to say that Klonopin Lunch was not an interesting book or anything in that nature, but it isn’t a book for everyone. Jones does not hold back in this book and she reveals all as she takes us with her to the world of Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll.

The best way to describe my feelings towards this book would be to compare it to the attraction one gets when they see a car wreck. There were points where I couldn’t put the book down because I was so fascinated by her how different her life has become. She didn’t just take small steps into the world of Rock n’ Roll. She fully embraced it and dived in head first while throwing caution to the wind. I think what was most fascinating about this book is that you know that at one point everything will come to an end, but you just didn’t know what will cause her to reach that point. What will her breaking point be and what will push her over the edge and cause her to say enough is enough?

Klonopin Lunch is different from anything I’ve read before and at times I was shocked to think that this is actually a memoir and its nonfiction rather than some story conjured up out of thin air. Of course this story is similar to most stories in that it starts with a woman in her thirties bored with her life and ready to spice it up a bit. And I thought it was just going to be your typical story of discovering yourself, but I never realized how far Jones had to go into the world of Rock n’ Roll before she figured out herself and realized what she wanted. Of course, what she wanted was what she already had all along.

Klonopin Lunch was a fascinating read to say the least. It let me enter a completely different world and one that I never experienced before. I will have to say though that this isn’t a book for everyone so read this at your own risk.

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  1. This sounds like an intense ride for sure!

  2. I love memoirs so I’d probably enjoy this even if I gasped through half of the book. I find the cover rather disturbing.

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