I’m Back!

Sorry for the hiatus! I wasn’t planning taking a break from the blog, which was why I couldn’t warn all of ya’ll that I was going to be gone. Life just got in the way and I was just too busy to keep this blog updated. Don’t worry though, I’m back! And I should be around for the remainder of the year until final comes around and then I’ll probably disappear for two weeks and then come back.

I wish I could fill ya’ll in with all the interesting things that happened while I was gone, but quite honestly nothing really interesting happened. I just got bogged down by school and it was difficult to juggle everything so something had to give and unfortunately that something was this blog. I’ve still been sneaking in a book here and there though so I do have a stack of books that I do need to review and posts up here. In the meantime though, what have ya’ll been up to? Any good book suggestions for me? I know the holidays are just around the corner and does it sound terrible that all I want to do is hibernate and read?


Posted on November 12, 2012, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. No way! Hibernating and reading sounds wonderful!

  2. Welcome back and I hope the break was rejuvinating!

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