Review: What You Wish For

What You Wish For by Kerry Reichs

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks


Source: Publisher

“Having a baby is . . . complicated.”

Dimple knows. She’s a successful actress who is turning forty–though her agent and her resume insist she’s only thirty-six–and she figures it’s now or never. Certainly it’s not a good time for an intriguing director to show up at her door with a great script.

Eva, fabulous agent to the stars, doesn’t want kids–and “never” wanted kids. Why is her decision so damned hard for everyone else to accept?

When Maryn was undergoing treatment for cancer, she and her husband both agreed to have embryos frozen. But that was way before their divorce and her remission–and now she’s single and childless, and caught in the middle of a controversy she never saw coming.

The traditional and nontraditional couples desperate for a baby . . . the adoptive parents . . . the single mom . . . the two who want “nothing” to do with parenthood. . . . This is a thoroughly modern story of the pursuit of family in all its forms–and of five very different ways of getting there.

I absolutely loved reading Leaving Unknown, Reichs’ previous book and therefore I was extremely excited to dive into What You Wish For. I admit I was a little on the fence at first because babies are so far from my mind right now that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to relate with the characters, but Reichs did a magnificent job and I found myself truly enjoying this book.

Reichs introduces us to a variety of characters with different backgrounds and different approaches to having children—or in some cases, not having children. I’m always skeptical when books jump from one point of view to another, but I actually liked getting a different perspective on the different ways someone can end up with a child, whether it is conceive naturally, IVF, adoption, etc. I also loved how all of the characters were connected with one another. It made it seem like we were reading about a group of friends rather than individual characters that were not related to one another.

Reichs is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors with her witty writing. The book did cover some serious topics and she managed to draw all sorts of emotions out of me. At the same time though, Reichs’ clever placement of puns and humor made the book a light and fast read. I know the holidays are just around the corner, but What You Wish For is the perfect beach read. If you’re looking to escape from some family time, then perhaps your should pick up this book. It’s one that I highly recommend!

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  1. YEAH! I am so glad that you liked it 🙂 Welcome back girl–I have missed you!

  2. I liked this book, too, and what I appreciated was how Reichs (who is a lawyer) got the law right on custody over frozen embryos (which was the focus of my review of the book in July).

  3. I got to meet Kerry but haven’t had a chance to read the book. It sounds great!!

  4. This sounds like an author I need to check out !

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