Review: I Remember You

i remember youI Remember You by Harriet Evans

Publisher:  Harper Collins

Ratings: 4 stars

Source: Purchased

Twelve years in bustling London have left Tess Tennant dumped by her boyfriend, out of work, and miserable. Still, maybe taking a new job as a classics professor at the tiny college in her picture-perfect hometown in the English countryside was a bit drastic. Langford’s stone cottages, quaint shops, and lifelong locals feel even smaller than she remembered, but at least Tess has Adam, her best and oldest friend. On a spontaneous birthday adventure back to the city, though, their painful and heartbreaking past forces them into an angry confrontation.

Tess escapes to Rome on a class trip and falls unexpectedly into the arms of Peter, a charming American journalist . . . until a tragedy cuts her vacation short. Back home and alone, Tess must slowly unravel her feelings about her secretive best friend, the romantic new lover she barely knows, and the independent woman she really wants to be.

You know I’m a fan of brit lit so I had to jump on board with Harriet Evans. I’m also a huge fan of first love and old friendships so I had to pick up I Remember You. I wasn’t disappointed by this book one bit and really enjoyed the transformations the characters went though and how the story progressed.

This was the perfect book to put me in a relaxing mood and I quickly became absorbed by Tess and Adam’s story. It was a well crafted story about how their friendship over the years and finding something more to it. The plot was great and there were enough twists and turns to keep you turning the page and invested in their story.

What I really loved about this book is how real everything felt. The emotions depicted in this book were so vivid and the characters just came to life off the pages. You can feel the pain and anguish Tess went through as well as her joy and laughter.

I would definitely recommend I Remember You to those that would enjoy a good chick lit book. The plot line keeps the story moving and the characters are entertaining.

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  1. I love books like that too! Sounds like a perfect book to get lost in.

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