about me


I’m a bookaholic, sports fanatic, chocolate lover, and dental student. I have an addiction to books and I tend to purchase more books than I can read. Every time I feel like I’ve made a dent into my TBR pile, it grows exponentially. I do have a fear that one day my bookshelf will collapse and I’ll be buried under it, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

I graduated with a degree in accounting and minors in biology and chemistry. I’m currently a dental student with two years under my belt and two more years to go. Life is pretty hectic around here, but I’m still able to squeeze in a couple of hours of reading here and there between studying for exams and mastering a handpiece.

I love reading all types of books and as long as the book is good it doesn’t matter what genre the book falls under. More specifically though, I enjoy reading general fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense, fantasy, the occasional chick lit and young adult and I’ve recently become fond of memoirs/non fiction. If you have a book recommendation, don’t hesitate to tell me! I always love finding a new book and discovering that it’s a true gem.

  1. A chocolate loving dentist? Coool!

  2. Okay, that explains the blog name! lol

  3. I had to find out about the name 🙂 My sister is a dental hygienist.

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