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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hello Friends!

Once again I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently. On the bright side I’m officially done with another semester of school! Which means I only have one and a half years left of school. And then I’ll be done forever. This both excites me and makes me extremely nervous! Part of me can’t wait to be done and just grab that diploma and run. And the other part is afraid to enter the “real world” where I have to get a job and actually work and pay bills! Yikes!

I’m looking forward to some good R&R time during this break as well as visiting everyone’s blogs! I know I haven’t been on top of it this past semester, but I’m going to try to be better and get on top of it. I’ve read so many books in the past few months and I have so many more books that really need to be review so hopefully I’ll have that done soon enough.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is doing well! Any plans for the holidays? Let me hear them!


And It Starts Again…

Dental school has officially kicked off again. It feels like just yesterday when summer officially started for me, but it seems to have come and gone in a blink of an eye. I’m back to start my third year of dental school and quite honestly I’m a little freaked out. We’re referred to as “upperclassmen” now and we’re expected to know things and be competent. People always say third year brings a different kind of stress and I can see what they mean. Instead of having five exams a week now we’re worried about meeting requirements and finding the right patients and not screwing up on them.

So when summer initially started I had grand plans for my blog. I was going to update my reviews list which has been much neglected in the past few months and I was playing around with a new layout and header, but then something called the Olympics started and I was glued to my couch. My TBR pile grew bigger and bigger as I just stared at the TV screen and rooted for my fellow Americans to bring home the gold. So that’s the reason why I haven’t been around recently. In a way I’m glad the Olympics are over. It’s nice to have my life back in control and be able to do things other than stare at my TV. I don’t even think I can stand looking at my TV now much less watch anything after the two weeks of watching the Olympics non stop.

Now that they are over, my goal is to knock out a few reviews and have them up soon before dental school once again takes over my life. Hope ya’ll have been well and I will be visiting your blogs soon enough!

Where did October go?

my dentures in progress

I didn’t mean to take that long of a hiatus, but it was definitely nice to just back off from the internet and just relax. Also, I’ve been in a bit of a book funk and I haven’t really been reading much the past few weeks. I just haven’t found any good books that have caught my eye and I don’t know what I’m in the mood to read either. That’s probably one of the worse feelings in the world, when you’re surrounding by a ton of books and yet you feel like you have nothing good to read.

In the meantime though, I’m surviving my second year of dental school. I always heard that second year is the hardest year, but so far I’m actually enjoying it. I guess it’s because we spend more time in the lab and I get to work with my hands which is the main reason why I wanted to be a dentist in the first place. Check out the awesome pair of dentures I waxed up. I can officially make dentures now so let me know if you’re ever in need of a pair.  😛 At the same time I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I just want to hibernate all winter and catch up on all the sleep I’ve been missing out on. It was a good thing we got that extra hour of sleep last weekend.

I’m heading out of town this weekend, but hopefully I’ll be able to visit everyone’s blog in the coming weeks to see all the great books I’ve been missing out on. I’m definitely in need of a good book recommendation.


I can’t believe how fast this summer has flown by. Is it really August already?! It’s that time of year again. Dental school starts up tomorrow and I’m absolutely dreading it. It’s not that I hate dental school or anything, but I just much rather lay out on the beach and read for fun than stick my nose in a book about pathology or pharmacology. I’m hoping to still be active on this blog, but from what the other students have told me, second year first semester is suppose to be the hardest semester of dental school. Hopefully I’ll still have some time to read books that I want to read, but who knows where this semester is going to take me.

Although I am happy to say that I finally did finish the Harry Potter series! Yay me! And I’m hoping to get a post up soon about my thoughts on the series as a whole. Quite honestly, I’m a little bummed out that it’s over. It’s almost like the end of my childhood or something. I mean Harry Potter has been around since I was 10 or 11. That’s more than half of my life. The end to an era. Definitely a bittersweet moment and I have a lot to say about the series. In the meantime I hope everyone is having a good Monday!

Hello Summer!

Austin, TX

Summer! Its finally here. As you’re reading this, I’m probably sitting in the last class of my first year of dental school. After today, I’ll be home free! Well, as close to home free as possible since I still have two papers to write during the summer, but let’s ignore these minor details for the moment.

I’m looking forward to a summer filled with road trips, new adventures, and a ton of great books. First up is a road trip to Austin, TX! Sorry, but I’ll be MIA until I get back next week. I haven’t been on a road trip in a year and I’ve realized two things as I’m trying to pack for it:  1. I’m terrible at packing and 2. I can’t decide which books to take with me. Help me!

So now that it’s officially summer and people are sending out graduation invitations (I have one to attend on Saturday), what are your summer plans and what books do you have on your summer reading list?