review policy

To Authors and Publishers,

Thank you for considering toothy books as a means to promote your book. As an avid book reader, I am more than happy to accept ARCs and finished copies for reviews.

Genres I like: I normally read any book that piques my interest regardless of the genre it falls under. With that said, I am more interested in the following genres:

Fiction: Mystery/ Thriller/ Suspense

Historical/ Contemporary/ Literary/ Women (Chicklit)/ Young Adult Fiction

Fantasy/ Paranormal

Nonfiction: Memoir/ Autobiography/ Biography


Medicine/ Dentistry/ Science

Genres I dislike: I generally will not accept books that fall under the following genre: Christian fiction/nonfiction, romance/erotica, self-help, and politics.

At this time I am not accepting e-books or pdfs for reviews.

Timeframe: If you have a preference as to when I should post the review please let me know ahead of time so I can accommodate your request. Otherwise, it may take me between 2-3 months to read and review the book.

Although I may accept a book for review, it does not guarantee that I will review it. I hate writing bad reviews and slamming an author’s work. Therefore, if I can’t find anything nice to say about the book I may decide to not write a review for it. If this is the case, I will try to contact you and let you know about the situation. Under certain circumstances, I may find that I am not fit to review the book and will pass it along to another blogger who can guest post and write a review for the book.

If you are interested in having a book reviewed by me  or have any questions/concerns please contact me at toothybooks AT gmail DOT com

Thank you!


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